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The inpatient stay with us

Inpatient surgical treatment interrupts your usual daily routine. But the following information will help you to prepare well for your hospital stay with us.
After your operation, we will help you to quickly return to a normal daily routine - with gentle training, high-quality nursing care and effective pain therapy.
Surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff work closely together in all these tasks. We are convinced that we can thus guarantee you comprehensive therapy.

You should have this with you:

- All medications you take regularly to coordinate further therapy and to avoid complications.

- Papers such as allergy passport, medication card, vaccination card, etc.

- Little luggage: Pack only the most important things such as toiletries, towels, nightwear, bathrobe, tracksuit, slippers and personal items such as glasses, walking stick, hearing aid, reading, writing material, some money for phone cards, stamps and magazines.

What do I do with valuables?

Please leave larger amounts of money, jewellery and other valuables at home. In exceptional cases, you can hand in money or valuables to the administration or deposit them in a locker. The clinic accepts no liability in the event of loss.